Customer Advisory Boards

Successful businesses are in touch with their customers and understand what it really is that their customers are buying from them.
We can help you get close to your best customers and to determine what they value about doing business with you and what they’d really like to see you improve.
One way to do that is to offer customer surveys (for quantitative research) and another way is by facilitating a Customer Advisory Board (for qualitative research) and to learn what elements of your service or product offering they perceive to be of most value to them.
Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) offer a more in-depth understanding of your customers’ perspectives or opinions than is otherwise obtainable through telephone interviews or mail surveys. The feedback gathered is personalised to your target customers and the results are immediate.
When we facilitate a 3-hour CAB with some of your best customers we help you discover why they chose to deal with you and what they like most (and least) about doing business with you.
Armed with that information, we can help you implement business processes that ensure you deliver more of the service they value most highly and in doing so, keep your very best customers coming back time and time again. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.