Finding and Keeping Good People

One of the biggest challenges facing small business operators is how to recruit and keep good people. The people who work for you are your most valuable resource. They represent your business and their workmanship. Service and attitudes will affect your success in attracting and maintaining a strong customer base.
To build a loyal and effective team you must devote considerable time and effort to hiring, training and managing your employees. Before hiring anyone, it’s important to clarify why you need to employ someone, and the type of person you are looking for.
This means identifying the jobs that you will employ people to do and clearly setting out the conditions in a job description. This is a concise outline of the tasks that you expect the employee to carry out, including any special conditions that they will have to work under.
We will then work with you to develop a checklist of the skills, education, training, attributes and personal qualities you think a person would need in order to carry out the particular job. This is called a job specification and is an essential tool for screening applicants. Having clarified the sort of person you require, the next question is how to find the best person for the job.
One of the disadvantages of a small business is that you can rarely offer the sort of career opportunities that a large organisation can and small business generally has a reputation for failing to offer long-term job security. We can help you counteract this by working with you to build and develop a working environment that is highly appealing to employees, and highly productive.
We help you craft and implement a people plan that will dramatically improve your chances of long-term business success. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.