10 Questions to ask yourself before answering your first business phone call

Answering these questions will help your company promote excellent customer service and set performance standards for your team.

  1. How long do you let the phone ring?
  2. What is the appropriate greeting?
  3. What do you say if someone wants to speak with a colleague or the ‘boss’?
  4. How do you position message taking?
  5. Do your team members offer to take a message or help?
  6. How do you answer internal calls?
  7. How do you transfer calls?
  8. Do you transfer directly into voicemail?
  9. Do you ask who is calling before putting a call through?
  10. Do you answer first and last names or just last names?

When you’re answering these questions, consider ways you could impress your customers with excellent care. For example, perhaps you make a policy to never ask who is calling so that your callers do not feel like they are being screened.
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