Build An Online Community To Grow Your Small Business

When Susan Blanchett was told she no longer had a job, she decided to start her own business making and selling macaroons from home.  Requests from friends turned into orders, orders turned into an online business:  Macaroons4U.  Within six months, she was taking so many orders, she decided to open her first store with her partner, Neil.

Susan and Neil had limited funding.  They could not afford an expensive professional marketing plan.  They knew that social media and developing a loyal online community would be key to their success.  Susan enthusiastically created a Facebook page and boosted some advertisements.  Her efforts had limited success in terms of followers.

Neil and Susan discussed the issue with their Accountant during a regular check-in meeting.  The Accountant outlined how they might be able to provide a solution.  The Accountant introduced another of their clients, a marketing agency, to Susan and Neil.  They got on well and engaged the agency.  Macaroons4U’s business presence was refined with a brand and a logo.  It was duplicated onto every social media channel.  Susan started posting on a daily basis to keep regulars coming back and offer new customers something different.  The agency clarified that the posts did not need to be business related. Posts needed to be entertaining.  Slowly, they started to build their brand.  The Accountant played their part by putting in place systems to measure the success of each campaign.

Benefits to the Client
The Macaroons4U social media pages are loaded with features.  Instagram lets customers share their photos.  Susan posts a regular YouTube video with baking tips.  Facebook offers great access and interaction.  Due to this, 30% of sales are online.  Based on the Accountant’s calculations, Susan knows that she can expect a three-to-one return on investment on her marketing spend in sales.

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