Define Your Business Vision

A clear vision is a necessary precursor to business success.
Your vision presents to your team and your customers a picture of what the business will look like when it’s finally done. Once you have brainstormed your vision and written a draft, ask yourself these final questions:

  1. Is my vision realistic and credible?
  2. Is it well articulated and easily understood?
  3. Is it appropriate, ambitious, and responsive to change?
  4. Does it orient my team’s energies and serve as a guide to action?
  5. Is it consistent with the organization’s values?
  6. Does it challenge and inspire my team to achieve its mission?

Creating a strong and formal vision is not an easy task, but it can be a fun one. After all, this is about defining your dreams and making your business what you want it to be.
We can help you throughout your visioning process with our Strategic Planning.
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