Excel Your Customer Service

Here are three basics to excellent customer service:
Encourage initiative
Train your team to be aware of opportunities to turn tentative queries into sales. In other words seize the chance to promote your company wherever you can.
As we’ve posted before, service with a smile works. Your staff will be remembered all the more if, apart from being polite and helpful, they are cheerful and friendly. So promote a business environment that makes you happy, and encourage positivity daily.
Be eager to please
If a customer’s request is not a straightforward one, be sure to convey your eagerness to help. The receptionist or sales assistant who sighs loudly in any response to a query, or gives the standard answer ”I don’t know,” or “If it isn’t out, we haven’t got it,” will drive customers to the nearest competitor who does.
With competition between companies becoming ever fiercer, effective staff training to encourage excellent customer service will only pay off.
Contact us to learn how we can help you introduce a customer service strategy that will keep them coming back time and time again.

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