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Five Tips For Bringing In More Business

A business has to take stock of its growth and retention strategies as much as it has to monitor its inventory.

It does not have to be an overwhelming task.

Here are five simple ways you can begin to bring in more business and improve your existing business:

  • Make a point to be available to customers. Answer the phone or meet with clients personally. Communicate with customers regularly. It can be in person, on the phone or in writing. Schedule regular customer communications in your business calendar.
  • Join an association like your local business chamber or an industry association. These are great places for networking and building strategic partnerships.
  • Go to the source. Ask your existing customers for referrals and ideas on how you can improve. Offer them an incentive – a free gift or discount – to show your thanks for passing on your name & their ideas.
  • Track where each new customer comes from. Was it a referral, cold call, direct mail or advertising? A pattern will develop that will show you where to focus your marketing efforts.
  • Keep an eye on local and national trends for new business opportunities for your services.

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