Has your vision changed? Perhaps now is the time to do some planning

Has your vision changed? Perhaps now is the time to do some planning

If you’ve ever read a business book or attended a seminar or webinar about business no doubt you are familiar with the term VISION. BUILDING A VISION. As you wrestle with the furlough of global pandemic you might be thinking how is that relevant to me right now surely I have got much more important things to worrying about than the vision of my business, well maybe not, maybe now is exactly the right time to be thinking about where you are taking your business. So what is a vision, well, here is one definition: A vision is a broad and aspirational statement of where the business wants to be in the future. It should clarify what you want to achieve in the mid-term to the long-term. And as part of visioning process you should also build in the reasons why you’d like achieve those things. You might call those GOALS. As you consider your goals,
  • for some business it could be about increasing revenue for others it could be about profitability. For other business maybe it’s a capacity issue
  • perhaps you are looking at a business right now saying “You know, we are really not getting as much as we should do out of our resources.”
  • Or maybe you are looking around your community and thinking some businesses a bit impacted much worse than we have and maybe we can play a role in helping our community.
  • Or perhaps for you it’s about lifestyle, how do you redesign your business so you get better work-life balance.
  • Or perhaps you are thinking I am coming to end of road in my business. And for me this is about succession planning or even exit planning.

Whatever it is, redesigning your vision after what we’ve been through this pandemic could be the most important things you do this year . And perhaps you should set aside some time to do some planning to consider where your business is going, has it been affected? Have your plans changed? And what does that mean for you and other stakeholders of your business.

If you’d like to talk this through or just get a independent perspective on it, please reach out and talk to your Juggernaut Accountant , we’ll be delighted to sit down with you and walk you through the visioning process.

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