NZ changes to GST imports to affect our exporters

NZ changes to GST imports to affect our exporters

In a similar fashion, the New Zealand government has issued a discussion paper, entitled “GST: Cross border services, intangibles and goods”, the upshot of which is to levy GST on imports under the current threshold of NZ$400.

The proposed rules would require oshore suppliers to register and return GST, when they supply services and intangibles, which exceed a given threshold in a 12-month period, to New Zealand-resident consumers.

The paper proposes that there would be awide definition of “services”, which would include digital services (such as video, music, and apps and other software downloads). It would also include traditional services such as consultancy fees for legal, accounting, engineering, and other services.

At the present time there is no proposed start date, although the NZ government may decide to align their start date with Australia’s proposed start date for GST on imports under $1,000 of 1 July 2017.

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