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Set Activity Goals And Get Results

In order to reach a large goal, you must first successfully complete a series of smaller ones.
By setting activity goals , the long-term results may just take care of themselves. Be sure to set goals that are reasonable and within reach.
Here are three tips to setting and realizing activity goals:
1. Be time sensible – By allowing too short a time scale, you’ll place an unnecessary burden on yourself, resulting in added stress and poor work performance. Set realistic time frames for your goals.
2. Write goals down – Write your goals down on paper. This will take time, thought and consideration, but the more time you spend thinking and planning your course of action, the easier it will be to implement it. At the end of each week, spend a few minutes reviewing and analyzing your progress. Take the time to feel good about your accomplishments.
3. Share your goals – and how you plan to achieve them. The people around you can help you achieve your goals when they know what they are.

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