JobKeeper 2.0

Tax treatment of JobKeeper payments handed back to ATO

The ATO has clarified the tax treatment of JobKeeper payments handed back to the Government. The clarification comes after the Super Retail Group, Dominos Pizza and Toyota collectively returned more than $20 million in JobKeeper payments after reporting exceptional trading results.

Where a business has handed back JobKeeper despite qualifying for the payments, the ATO states that:

  • JobKeeper payments returned to the Government are still included in assessable income, and
  • The returned payments may be deductible in limited circumstances if the repayment is to a achieve the business’s objectives. For example, if the media exposure from the returned payment generates goodwill for the business or publicises the business, or the repayment prevents a downturn in business activity.

The message is, if you are returning JobKeeper payments voluntarily, make the decision public. If no one knows about the repayment then it is unlikely to be deductible. If your business decides to hand back JobKeeper despite being entitled to the payments, special arrangements will need to be put in place with the ATO as the repayments are treated differently and require a special payment reference number.

We note that if your business and your employees qualified for the first tranche of JobKeeper payments, you are under no obligation to return the money if trading conditions were better than the estimate you provided to the ATO.

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