What makes your customers mad?

Some refer to this as the “grand-daddy” of all great marketing ideas and it certainly is one that, when you understand it and implement what it means, will reap you significant rewards.

To help you understand and work with the idea, consider dealing with a contractor. Well no, don’t consider dealing with a contractor, consider dealing with contractors in general. Think about it and then ask yourself, “What is one of the most frustrating things about dealing with them?”
There are usually two answers that come out in rapid succession:
Now imagine that you are a contractor. Imagine you knew about those key frustrations and that you wanted to build the most extraordinary contractors’ business in the world. Wouldn’t you now make sure that when customers dealt with you, they would NEVER experience those key frustrations.
Follow the logic.
People get upset dealing with contractors because they are unreliable. Therefore, if someone is out there who makes it his business to be reliable, even to guarantee it, then that contractor is going to get a lot more business. Not only that, that contractor is going to get work at a higher rate than his competitors. All of this simply because that contractor has locked onto a key frustration and made sure that his customers don’t experience it when they deal with him.
So as you can see, exploring key frustrations creates a wonderful opportunity for your business. The question is, how do you find out what they are? Surprise, surprise — you ask your customers!
You can do that in what we call a Client (or Customer) Advisory Board. Seeking key frustrations is a major key to developing a great business. We can help you discover (and address) your customer’s key frustrations. 

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