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Why Should Your Customers Pick You?

Successful businesses clearly and quickly communicate why their business is the best choice— their Business Value Proposition (BVP). And they never stop promoting the benefits their business offers.

What can you tell your customers about your business or product that will differentiate you from all the rest, and make your business the obvious choice for them?

Some tips to get started creating your BVP:

  • How are you better than your competitors?
  • Where can you stand to improve?
  • Among the factors that make you stand apart from the competition, which are the most important to your customers/clients?
  • What about your business cannot be easily imitated or replicated by your competition? Which differences can be communicated to your customers/clients and have a meaningful impact on their purchasing decisions?
  • Can you tell your customers/ clients in a concise, clear message why your business is unique and a better choice?
  • How will you communicate your BVP to potential and current customers/clients (advertising, a referral campaign, media, packaging, sales force)?

Don’t forget to ask your best customers why they choose your business and how you can keep making the differences that keep them coming back. This will help you attract potential best customers. Your points of difference may be small ones that lead to a distinguished customer experience (a greeter at the front door, a 2-ring phone answering policy, a sense of fun and humor in every customer interaction).
Contact Pepperell & Associates if you’d like to discuss your Business Value Proposition or would like help implementing any of the ideas in this article.

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