Celine Carreon


Celine graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. She has diverse experience in various industries, including copywriting, social media marketing, recruitment, administration, and customer service. She joined Juggernaut Advisory in December 2023.

Celine's duties include:

  • Provide administrative support to accountants and partners.
  • Monitor WIP, OTS and lodgments.
  • Collate financial statements, Income Tax Return and Business Activity statements.
  • Manage appointments
  • Answer incoming phone calls and provide relevant assistance and information.

Celine enjoys:

Celine enjoys watching American TV series, spending time with her family and friends and going to the beach.

Contact her on:

Celine can be contacted on (02) 4445 9014 or by emailing her at celine.c@juggernautadvisory.com.au